We Can Remove Swirls, Oxidation, Water Spots, Light Scratches and Get The Most Gloss and Clarity From Your Paint

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Paint correction is a service we offer where we polish the clear coat of your car to remove any swirls, water spots, oxidation, or light scratches. This service will definitely bring the gloss back. Yes, even brand new cars have water spots or swirls.

Depending on what you want, we can do;

A one step correction will remove at least 65% of imperfections

A two step correction will take off at least 85% of imperfections

Our paint correction process:

  • Exterior Wash
  • Chemically remove iron particles
  • Clay bar treatment to remove contamination embedded in the paint
  • Compound and/or polish to remove swirls, light scratches, waters pots, oxidation
  • Paint wipe down
  • Apply your choice of paint protection

This service is best to do in shop only. Our shop has the lighting we need to see and remove the imperfections more accurately.

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Get a ceramic coating after a paint correction

After we perform auto paint correction services, your car will be ready for an optional ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is a great way to protect your vehicle's paint from fading. They also help with maintenance costs, since you won't need to pay for wax.
If you're interested in a ceramic coating to protect your vehicle, speak with a member of our team today.